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Fall Cleanup | Putting Your Landscape To Sleep For Winter

Fall lawn cleanup can be an undesirable task. This is especially the case during those cold grey afternoons when the lure of cozying up inside tends to be particularly strong. What may be a consolation is to think of fall cleanup as more of a preparation for the following spring than the culmination of the current year's activity. Typically the biggest cleanup task at this time of the year is leaf removal. Thick blankets of leaves left to lie can damage grass by blocking out needed sunlight, thus weakening the turf's viability. If left on the ground through the winter, fallen leaves can also render your lawn more susceptible to winter damage.

Your favorite Buck’s County landscapers are eager to get your lawns clear of leaves and more as we head into fall and winter. Nurney Landscape & Design offers excellent fall cleanup and maintenance packages to set your property up for a healthy fall and winter before some great growth next spring.

We can handle:

  • Leaf Removal

  • Gutter Cleanings

  • Debris Removal and Yard Care

  • New Mulch for Beds

  • Tree and Bush Trimming

  • Irrigation Winterization

Nurney will weed your beds and annuals as well as give your lawn a good last cutting to promote winter growth. In order to keep your lawn as aesthetically pleasing as possible, we will remove all leaves, twigs, and other debris. Also, we will prune your bushes and trees and stake saplings that need support during winter. To insulate against frost, Nurney will mulch your garden and flower beds. We’ll dig deep into your gutters to ensure proper water drainage when rain and snow arrive.

By choosing Nurney, you ensure that your lawn and property have a strong defense against the worst of Pennsylvania’s winter and are ready to grow when spring comes!

Call us today to schedule your fall cleanup- 215-794-8599

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