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Shaping Your Entryway

When planning lawn and landscape efforts, it is easy to focus on the backyard or other semi-private areas. These are likely the areas where much of your outdoor time is spent, so it makes sense that these spaces would tend to be the most developed. But it is important to give the front of your home its fair treatment as well, as it is your property’s most visible area. Your entryway is especially likely visited by a large number of people. The extent to which it is laid out and maintained can make your home friendly and inviting or cold and repellant.

A first step is to make sure that walkways, doors, and windows are free of obstruction from old or overgrown landscaping. From the street, attention should be drawn to the front door- so any added elements should lead to and accentuate the door itself (well-placed trees or shrubs between the curb and the door are great initial eye-grabbers). Having shrubs or flowers of similar size on either side of the door will make it a focal point and add balance. Choosing plants with a variety of textures or leaf types give the entire area a vibrant tone.

When updating or installing new beds and walkways, it is best to avoid straight lines where possible. Straight lines are primarily a human invention and rarely occur in nature. Gentle curves and rounded edges are much more visually appealing and further highlight your landscaping. A wide walkway will make your entryway more open and inviting. Ideally, walkways are wide enough to accommodate two people walking abreast (roughly 48 inches).

Finally, your home’s entryway is a great opportunity to express something unique and creative. A brightly colored mailbox, a whimsical sculpture or statue, your team’s flag - these are all great ways to say a little something about yourself to anyone who might visit. Be creative!

Your home’s entryway governs the impressions that visitors, passers-by, or even potential buyers will hold in regards to your entire property. Use your ideas and our know-how to make it look as inviting as possible. And as always, the experts at Nurney Landscape & Design are standing by, ready to help you with any landscape projects you have in mind. Call us at 215-794-8599.

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