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Ticks & Pest Control

They are sneaky, small, have an appetite for blood and sometimes carry disease. Ticks are no fun at all, but Nurney Landscape & Design wants to help you understand a little bit about these parasites to help you avoid them. Due to their rather complex life-cycle, ticks need humid weather to survive. They also need hosts that they can latch on to and extract blood from. These hosts can be a variety of animals (including humans). So any humid place with animal life will likely have ticks. Here are just a few tips to keep your lawn pest free this summer.

If you have kept up with your Spring cleanup you are on on the right track. Your spring cleaning list helps reduce tick habitat; removing leaf litter, trash, and clearing tall grasses/brush around your home and at the edge of your lawn. Mulch beds and gravel bed near wooded areas create a barrier and help prevent ticks from migrating on to your lawn. We recommend placing a wide barrier (about 3ft) of mulch or gravel between lawns and wooded areas. Mowing your lawn frequently not only keeps your turf healthy, but it also keeps the presence of ticks down. Make sure to stack wood neatly and in a dry area to discourage rodents who may bring ticks onto your property. It is also important to keep playground equipment, decks, and patios away from yard edges and trees. Constructing a well-built fence will discourage unwelcome tick-hosts like deer, raccoons, and stray dogs.

A little vigilance goes a long way towards avoiding these nasty guys. When enjoying nature, high socks, prompt bathing, and overall inspection of yourself and your pets are healthy habits that will keep you from becoming a feast. From planning a deck with sensible placement to constructing a well-built fence, Nurney Landscape & Design is standing by ready to help with any pest problem you have. 215-794-8599.

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