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An installed irrigation system by Nurney Landscape & Design is a great way to rid yourself of the cumbersome task of watering your lawn while also reducing water waste and ensuring even coverage of your lawn. A major reason why lawns end up watered improperly is that an ideal irrigation schedule often comes in conflict with homeowners’ hectic day-to-day routines.

Installed irrigation systems remove ‘watering the lawn’ from your busy agenda and ensure that your turf will always receive the amount of water it needs when it needs it. Newer systems allow you to not only select the time and duration of the watering but they also allow you to be able to water various sections of your lawn differently depending on irrigation needs. The thirsty spots can get enough without wasting water on other areas.

Some systems even include rain gauges which can scale back the watering schedule during periods of rain. A variable schedule based on the weather conserves water and prevents harmful over-watering. If increased free time, healthy turf, and less water waste sound pretty nice to you give Nurney Landscape & Design a call today, 215-794-8599.

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