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Annual Flowers To The Rescue

Annual flowers can bring interest and color to your lawn quickly. Annuals can be planted in sunny or shady areas, in landscape beds, window boxes, containers, and more. These flowers do require some specialized care and Nurney Landscape is here to help with a couple of tips!

Annuals have a shallow root structure and should be watered regularly. Keep in mind that plants growing in containers dry out quickly and require more frequent watering than those grown in the ground. In addition, faded blooms should be deadheaded often to encourage the plant to continue producing flowers. Simply pinch the old blossom between your fingers and thumb to snip them free of the stem.

To encourage a compact plant, pinch out the center leaves on each stem of plants that grow tall and leggy. This forces new growth to appear at the base or along the stem of the plant. Annual flowers, though short-lived, serve a useful purpose. With some planning and a little care, they can be a beautiful addition to any outdoor space. Nurney Landscape offers a seasonal color program in addition to our full-service landscape maintenance during the growing season. If you need help brightening and adding color to your landscape or patio contact Nurney Landscape, 215-794-8599.

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