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Plan(t) now for a beautiful fall!

With summer beginning to wind down, now is a great time for planting in Buck's County! Planting in the late summer or fall is a great way to ensure you have a beautiful, colorful yard right up until the worst of winter is here. There are few things you should keep in mind when determining when planning for fall planting and a winter landscape.

Berries are a great source of color for the fall and winter--everyone loves seeing holly berries around the holidays. Berries are also an excellent source of nutrients for your local wildlife. It is important to keep the birds and the bees around--they are the best natural fertilizers! Nurney Landscaping is pleased to provide tree recommendations and installations for the perfect trees and shrubs for your landscape. Keep in mind that evergreen species will maintain their color throughout the year!

Summer is a great time to plant perennials, too! There are many perennials that are native to Pennsylvania that bloom in the fall, keeping your yard with a splash of color until that first frost or snowfall. Aromatic asters, green-and-golds, black-eyed susans, and great blue lobelias are just a few perennials you can choose to keep your colors going straight through the fall. Give your friendly Buck's County landscaper a call, and we'd be happy to make sure your property is beautifully landscaped all year long!

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