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Hardscape Maintenance

So you’ve just installed a beautiful outdoor living space, known to landscapers as a hardscape. While hardscapes are certainly lower maintenance than grass yards and plants, they should still receive regular care to protect and preserve them. Nurney will help retain your property value by keeping your hardscapes in good shape.

Most damage to tile and stone comes from two things: ice and weeds. Water can seep into tiny cracks in your hardscape and freeze, causing the water to expand and widen the cracks. As this happens over and over, the condition will worsen and you should consider replacing damaged stones. We will go over how to seal later on to protect from this freeze-thaw damage.

Preventing weed damage is a good deal easier. Similar to water, root systems will squeeze their way between stones and expand. Surprisingly strong, these weeds can push tiles out of their arrangement, and in turn damage the hardscape while making it look worse. We will avoid weed damage by using a weed inhibitor. Spraying the inhibitor between the tiles or stone will keep weeds away before they get a chance to root.

Cleaning your hardscape will keep it looking new and fresh. If you stain a surface, clean it as soon as possible. Use a liquid detergent, and then scrub with hot water as soon as possible. Nurney will clean the whole surface with a pressure washer annually, or as needed.

Finally, applying a sealant to your hardscape will help prevent freeze-thaw damage and keep your stone easy to clean. When your surface is clean and dry, and the weather will be mild without rain for the coming day, we'll apply a sealant to protect your stones for the next year.

Nurney Landscape and Design is very experienced both with installing and maintaining hardscapes for our clients in Buck’s County. Please contact us soon with any questions you might have!

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