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Backyard Irrigation Systems

A lush lawn and colorful backyard flower beds are dependent on sufficient water. But, monitoring that amount can be a challenge for homeowners. While Mother Nature manages the rainfall, it’s up to you as the homeowner to determine the most efficient means and frequency of giving lawns and flower beds a drink. A backyard irrigation system is the way to go, but here are some things to consider:

One Size Does Not Fit All: An irrigation system should be chosen based on the size and layout of your lawn. Manual, hose-end sprinklers can be sufficient for small to medium sized lawns. But, with those, homeowners must also take on the burden of managing watering sessions and remembering to turn them off to avoid excessive water usage. In-ground sprinkler systems are most efficient because the low-angle heads deliver water as close to the ground as possible, minimizing the amount of water lost to evaporation. Rotary nozzles are perfect for sloping lawns and hillside areas because of their slow, deliberate water delivery.

Straight to the Roots: Sprinkler systems aren’t always the answer. Drip irrigation works best for flower beds, plants and trees, allowing you to get water directly to the root system without watering the entire surrounding area. This approach can save homeowners up to 30% on water consumption.

You get what you pay for: This adage holds true when choosing an irrigation system. While the lowest price tag might be attractive, be aware that parts on less expensive systems are likely to wear out more quickly, and the water lines are more prone to cracks and leaks. In both instances, you run the risk of wasting a significant amount of water (which will show itself in the water bill) and having to incur the cost of replacement.

Professional vs DIY: Understandably, the cost of a professionally-installed irrigation system can be daunting to homeowners. However, hauling a hose and a sprinkler head out and moving it around your lawn to reach all areas is incredibly time-intensive and inefficient. Not to mention, vast amounts of water is wasted in the process. An irrigation system set up by Nurney Landscape professionals ensures that all the factors about your lawn (size, soil type, sun vs shade, terrain, etc.) are being taken into consideration, allowing them to choose the most-efficient technology. As well, water consumption is better managed because the Nurney team members monitor your system as part of your property’s ongoing maintenance routine. If you’re looking for a no-hassle, cost-effective approach to sustaining a lush lawn and garden, then a professionally-installed irrigation system is the way to go.

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