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Fanning The Flames

Summer will always reign as the ‘outdoor season.’ School’s out, the days are long, the weather is warm, and it’s time for swimming pools and summer vacations! As scorching heat wanes in the evenings, relaxing in your own backyard becomes very appealing. You can make your outdoor living space truly special with one ingredient: fire. Practically speaking, fire elements add welcoming warmth and light to a chilly evening. They can also act as a central feature of your landscaping and a gathering point for friends and family. When considering a new fire feature, there is a wide range of options in terms of size and type. Portable fire pits can be bought at most home and garden stores and are rela

Late Season Planting

At the height of the summer season, it’s easy to think that your window of opportunity for planting has passed. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth! For trees and shrubs, late-season planting is preferable for a couple of reasons. Spring can sometimes be very wet, like it was this year, which will prevent the newly planted roots from receiving the oxygen necessary to establish themselves. Planting in the early summer can also be troublesome when intense sun and dry conditions put the plant into survival mode before it has a chance to get fully settled. In late season, the potential of cooler weather at night removes the threat to leaf integrity and instead the plant can focus

Deep Watering During The Summer Months

Bucks County had a pretty wet spring and early summer. All that water means more vegetation and more mowing. It also means that you need to keep an eye on your watering practices throughout the rest of summer. As plants’ anatomies vary, so do their ideal watering practices. While plants with shallow root systems need frequent, brief watering sessions, trees, shrubs, and turf are the opposite. Woody Trees and Shrubs Unlike most herbaceous plants, woody trees and shrubs have deep and expansive root systems. To be watered effectively, water must reach these roots by seeping sufficiently into the soil. This requires a long period of slowly dripping water, with the hose placed near the base of th

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