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An installed irrigation system by Nurney Landscape & Design is a great way to rid yourself of the cumbersome task of watering your lawn while also reducing water waste and ensuring even coverage of your lawn. A major reason why lawns end up watered improperly is that an ideal irrigation schedule often comes in conflict with homeowners’ hectic day-to-day routines. Installed irrigation systems remove ‘watering the lawn’ from your busy agenda and ensure that your turf will always receive the amount of water it needs when it needs it. Newer systems allow you to not only select the time and duration of the watering but they also allow you to be able to water various sections of your lawn differen

Ticks & Pest Control

They are sneaky, small, have an appetite for blood and sometimes carry disease. Ticks are no fun at all, but Nurney Landscape & Design wants to help you understand a little bit about these parasites to help you avoid them. Due to their rather complex life-cycle, ticks need humid weather to survive. They also need hosts that they can latch on to and extract blood from. These hosts can be a variety of animals (including humans). So any humid place with animal life will likely have ticks. Here are just a few tips to keep your lawn pest free this summer. If you have kept up with your Spring cleanup you are on on the right track. Your spring cleaning list helps reduce tick habitat; removing leaf

Annual Flowers To The Rescue

Annual flowers can bring interest and color to your lawn quickly. Annuals can be planted in sunny or shady areas, in landscape beds, window boxes, containers, and more. These flowers do require some specialized care and Nurney Landscape is here to help with a couple of tips! Annuals have a shallow root structure and should be watered regularly. Keep in mind that plants growing in containers dry out quickly and require more frequent watering than those grown in the ground. In addition, faded blooms should be deadheaded often to encourage the plant to continue producing flowers. Simply pinch the old blossom between your fingers and thumb to snip them free of the stem. To encourage a compact pl

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