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One Step at a Time

Spring is fighting to establish itself in Bucks County. We have had a couple of false starts, but winter's grey sluggishness is lifting and months of outdoor activities and sunshine stretch out before us. For landscapes, now is the time to start the spring cleaning process. When trying to make your yard all it can be, even a modest amount of planning goes a long way. Scheduling these tasks amid a steady docket of baseball practices, graduations, proms, and weddings can be a challenge. Having an overall plan allows you to add elements in manageable steps, with each new addition contributing to the larger picture. - Clearing dead leaves, dead grass clippings, twigs, etc. - Clearing out the fl

Building Your Vision

Thinking of a landscape installation or redesign? It might seem difficult to clearly communicate your vision to ensure that you get the results you want. We can help! Many of our residential clients purchase a home with a landscape that was the bare minimum required to get a certificate of occupancy. Green grass, maybe a tree or two, and a lot of mulch beds ready for color. These landscapes are respectable, but do not provide a wow-factor and can detract from the real beauty and value of a home. We consider your landscape from a variety of perspectives. - What do you want your landscape to look like from your living room? When you are sitting on your porch? - How do you use your landscape?

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